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Specialty Items



3D Prints

Our 3D print is the most innovative product for youth sports.
These dimensional prints are available in sets of 4-4x5's, 8x10 and 16x20 sizes, the 8x10
is also available as a plaque. They are customized with individuals
name and current year and are available in several design templates.


3D Prints, photo lab

In Depth

3D Prints, photo lab
ESPN Intro

3D Prints, photo lab
3D Prints, photo lab
Composite Memory Mate
3D Prints, photo lab
Set of 4-4x5's
3D Prints, photo lab
3D Prints, photo lab
3D Prints, photo lab
3D Prints, photo lab



Collector's Print Set

The Collectors Print Set offers 5 prints with cool graphics. It's an 8x10 print that includes 1-5x7
and 4-wallet photos with players name, team name, year and graphics.
It's available in all design themes.

collectors print, picture day novelty items
collectors print, picture day novelty items
Hall of Fame
collectors print, picture day novelty items
Pro Shot




Drink Ware

Our drink ware comes in attractive designs that include player's image,
name and team name.


Coffee Mug 15oz.

Water Bottle 600ml.

Travel Mug 15oz.

Can Koozie



Growth Charts

Keep track of your players growth progress with this fun chart.
Displays individual image, name and graphics. 10x36


Sports - Grass

Sports - Gray

Sports - Blue




Image Stickers

Image Stickers come 50 to a sheet. They are 1x1.5" and are
for individuals only. The adhesive backs are removable, so you
need not fear that they are permanently stuck to anything.





These colorful pennants feature a 5 x 7 team picture and a 3 x 5 individual player picture. Sport-specific graphics available for major sports - baseball, softball, football, basketball, soccer, hockey, and a generic "Super Stars" pennant for other sports.




Acrylic Items

Durable, clear acrylic construction. The best, unique way to display your photos!


Photo Trophy
This innovative, stand up trophy displays individual image,
along with text and graphics.(4.25" x 6.75")
Photo Sculptures
Show-off your favorite athlete, anywhere!
They look great on your desk, mantle or as magnets on the fridge!

Acryli-Frames come in several different design styles, for individuals or teams.
They include a stand, just like the photo sculptures.


Hall of Fame

Building Blocks
Border Acrylics
Border Acrylics are available as either pins or magnets or pin/magnet combos.
There are many different design styles to choose from.
 ProShot MVP All-Star Hall of Fame Youth Sports
Holiday ornaments come in sets of 2 (same design).
Decorate your holiday with your favorite player.







Bag Tags

Every player should have one of these Bag Tags attached to their gear bag.
Easily identify your equipment with this tag displaying players photo, name and league!

bag tag, magazine cover, ESPN



Compact Mirror

This dual mirror compact holds one wallet photo (ordered separately)
of your favorite player.





We offer clear acrylic 5x7 frames and sport specific frames that hold 4x6's
(baseball, basketball, football & soccer only).


5x7 Vertical Acrylic Frame







ID Packs

Our ID Pack is an 8x10, laminated & die-cut print with 9 products and is available in 2 designs
It includes 3 zipper tags, 2 key tags, door hanger and ruler, and all hardware.





Our Memory Mate Keychain shows off both team and individual, measures just over 2x3.
We also offer our standard keychain as well, which features a wallet sized individual print,
encased in a sturdy plastic holder.





Pennant Magnet

Our pennant magnet comes in sport specific designs and can be
color changing by team. Displays individual image along with
league, team & individual names. 7" height.





Season Tickets

Set of 5 mock season tickets that include individual player image,
name, team name and official game day looking graphics.





Billboard Posters

Billboard Posters are available in 10x13, 16x20 & 20x30, for teams, individuals
or team & individual composites. You can get Billboard Posters in all of the
template design themes.





Designer Prints

Designer Prints come in all sport specific designs.
They are currently available in 8x10's and sets of 8-wallets.






Game Day Prints

Seven products in one! Each print includes: 4 Mock Tickets,
1 Locker Room Pass, 1 Book Mark & Ruler, and 1 Bag Tag with holder
& strap. Available as Game Day, Dance Day and Playtime Prints.



Game Day Print Dance Day Print Playtime Print



ID Tag (Dog Tag)

Our ID Tag shows the individual image on one side and players name, team name
& year on the back side, and comes with chain. Just another creative way to highlight
your favorite player and add value to your picture day!





Mouse Pads

Just another way to show off your favorite player! Our mouse pad designs,
display an image of your player approx. 5x7. Can be made with individual or team image,
includes player & team name and year.




Picture Disc

The Picture Disk CD includes 2 sets of 3 low-res, email friendly images of the individual.
One set shows the individual in color, B&W and sepia and the second set shows the three
color variations and includes individual's name and year.





Sublimation Items

Our sublimation items are available in the following: 8x10 Message Board, Hinged Team & Ind. Board, 10" Football, 8" Round (sport specific) and 8x10 Rectangular (sport specific).




Hinged Board





Message Board Square



Buttons and Magnets

We offer several different styles of buttons and magnets. Buttons are 3" round and come either as a standard photo or customized with name and year. Magnets are cut from a 3x5 image and come in either oval or rectangle styles.





Door Poster

Our Door Poster is 10x36. It includes players name, year, team name and a calendar.
It's designed to resemble a giant game day ticket.





Group Prints with Text/Borders

Group Prints are available with several different options
for text and/or borders. Lots of template styles to choose from
as well.




Text w/Fade




Prime Time



Image Balls

These image balls are a great keepsake, available with individual or team image and year.
They are available in the following sports and sizes: Regulation size; baseball, softball
and hockey - mini size; basketball, soccer, football and volleyball.





Photo Necklace

This attractive necklace is a silver plated pendant & chain,
displaying individual image.



bag tag, magazine cover, ESPN




Photo Puzzles are available from 8x10 (60 pieces) and 5x7(40 pieces) size images.
Available for individuals or groups.





Wall Stars

Our Wall-Stars & Wall-Bursts are just another great way to have fun
with your player's image! They stick and re-stick to most any surface (not recommended for vehicles).





Wall Star Wall Burst



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